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Prompt du jour: #480
“Come on, don’t cha want to see what will happen?” Tolda whined, leaning over Klara's desk, casting a shadow over the newspaper.
"No, I'd prefer to stay right where I am, thank you kindly," Klara responded with thier running joke.
"You can read the paper when we get back.  The daylight won't last forever, love. Time's a-wasting. Unless you want to explore an abandonned hospital at night." 

Tolda saw Klara shudder. Internally, Tolda was smiling. Klara was terrified of exploring in the dark when she couldn't see anything while the unknown thrilled Tolda.  It was one of thier major differences. Klara was content to read and examine the accounts of other's travels and discoveries while Tolda loved getting her hands dirty.

"All the more reason to avoid it." Klara brushed her slate-grey bangs from her face. Her cat-eye glasses started to slide down her straight, greek nose and she absent-mindedly pushed them up. "You and Demetri will have much more fun without me. I'll only slow you down." Figuring that the dicussion was over, she resumed her reading of the daily news.  There was something satisfying about holding information in one's hands instead of hearing it. For one thing, you could stop and later continue.

Tolda racked her brain for something to convince her friend to come with her. It wasn't that she was scared, but there was something strange about the way that Klara kept finding reasons to leave her alone with Demetri. Tolda was sure that Klara had been asleep went she had come back to their home, a large bunker housed in an old brick building that had once been a gas reserve, raving in her sleep-deprived state about how gorgeous he looked, his adorable accent  and how nice his ass looked from behind as he scrambled up a broken staircase. She had been asleep, hadn't she? Not that Tolda would ever ask. That would be so embaressing if she hadn't overheard.

"Demetri says there's a records building nearby," she said. Klara's head looked up so fast that Tolda didn't even see it move. Her short bob framed an eager, russet brown face.
"An archive? Really? Well, in that case, I'll-Wait a moment. Is it still use?" Tolda hesitated. While he had indeed mentioned a building full of records, knowing Demetri, it could just as likely be a schoolhouse that hadn't seen a student in decades as a fully staffed public archive.

"He didn't really mention if it was operational." Tolda decided to tell the truth. Best not mess with one's roomate, espically if she was the one who dealt with all the maintence.

"So, that would be a no?"
"That would be an I don't know."
"I'll staying. Have fun on your date."
Oh, that little spy. She had overheard! Well, Tolda was going to get her for this. After she came back from her exploration. No use disapointing the man.

May. 25th, 2009

Scorpio - The rebels are coming out to play – including your own rebel within.
What a weird-ass horoscope for the day. I woke up at 4 in morning. Surprise visit from Aunt Flo! Gah, I hate my period. I couldn't get back to sleep, so I went downstairs, popped back two Midols and started to watch Cities of the Underworld. I must have dozed off at sometime, because when I started to dream.

I don't remember that much of it, but enough to know it was super weird-ass. I was in this abandoned hospital, I think. I was looking all around the room I was in. There was still  everything there, but no one had used it in such a long time. It looked a little like this:
I was trying to read this old sign on the wall(It was in Russian, so I couldn't understand it) when I heard something behind me move. I froze up and a boy about my age came out of the dark.  He had a flashlight and camera and was dressed in a dark navy blue trench coat. He had short curly, rust-coloured hair and was laughing. At least, I think he was laughing. I couldn't hear anything.

I followed him as he showed me things and he motioned towards a door and passed me a gas mask. A real old fashion gas mask. He smiled at me and put his one on. I woke up after that.

Totally weird-ass stuff. Must be the hormones.


Scary stuff. If Gavrilo Princip hadn't been at that café eating a sandwich when Franz Ferdinand's car passed by and the driver hadn't tried to reverse, which stalled the engine....well, what would have happened? All the other things....if they hadn't happened, the world would have been so different. There's so much fodder for alternative history right there in a comedy article!

I know, it's a comedy website, not the most reliable source for information. But it's got me thinking about alternative history again. The endless what-ifs of the pasts.

I should be working on homework, I've got three, yes, three projects due next week but instead i'm looking at this:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9eAiy0IGBI A newsreel of what people in the 1930s thought fashion in 2000 would look like.
Pretty wild, eh?
Behold the Lord High Executioner
A personage of noble rank  and title-
A dignified and potent officer,
Whose functions are particularly vital!
Defer, defer,
To the Lord High Executioner!
-W.S. Gilbert

It seems nothing could be further from the truth according to the book I'm reading right now. Lord High Executioner by Howard Engel is an amazing and fasinating read. I think I'll check out the crime section of the public library more often now!

Ah, writing hurts my hand. I love my city but these cold, dry winters wreck havoc on my skin. Applying lotion eventually soothes but first it stings. My hands are so dry that it looks like there's a seroius rash overtaking my domiant hand.

Yesterday I went to the public library. Boy, I'm glad I went then and not today! The snow was still falling as the sun went down. What a beautiful sight to see! The pink rays of the setting sun tinting the light, fluffy white snow.

I can't believe the silly thing I did. I wore makeup...to the library. Why? My hair was messed up because of my tuque. The only time anyone notices that I'm wearing any makeup is after I tell them and even I have to point it out and remove my glasses. Stupid move.



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